A one of a kind time for the creative states of mind”

The Hyperion Hyperion HouseHouse Experience is looking to become a community of forward-thinking individuals who are interested in further immersing themselves into the incredible world of cannabis.  The Hyperion House is a beautiful owned property located just minutes from downtown Breckenridge.  It is here that we want the Hyperion experience to come to fruition.  We are creating a broad array of classes and events like Weed & wine pairings, Cannabis creativity art workshops (led by local Breck artist), edible treat cooking classes, and even courses for those curious about the growing process of cannabis from soil to trimming and everything in-between.  These events and more will be held at the Hyperion House regularly with the additional option to rent a room or even the entire house for depending on individual or group needs.  These services and more will be offered for small donations that will in turn allow us to further grow the community and expand.